Hailey – High School Senior

On-location in Idaho doesn’t sound that exciting, right?  But really, it’s fantastic!  So many places to choose from.  

I took my yearly trip up to Idaho to visit my sister.  Her family has a “Giant Garden” named Ashland Produce.  Her husband farms and then sells the produce to the local grocery stores and every year they grow a very large pumpkin patch.  My kids love to go out there and pick the perfect pumpkin to take home.  It’s a 4 hour trip to get there but so worth the perfect pumpkins and other delicious produce we get to take home.  Not to mention, I get to see my sister!  

I always make the best of my trip and take pictures while I’m there.  Sometimes it’s her kids’ senior pictures sometimes it’s family pictures but always we get great pictures in the pumpkin patch too.

Now, without further adieu, here’s talented and beautiful Hailey!






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