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Hailey – High School Senior

On-location in Idaho doesn’t sound that exciting, right?  But really, it’s fantastic!  So many places to choose from.  

I took my yearly trip up to Idaho to visit my sister.  Her family has a “Giant Garden” named Ashland Produce.  Her husband farms and then sells the produce to the local grocery stores and every year they grow a very large pumpkin patch.  My kids love to go out there and pick the perfect pumpkin to take home.  It’s a 4 hour trip to get there but so worth the perfect pumpkins and other delicious produce we get to take home.  Not to mention, I get to see my sister!  

I always make the best of my trip and take pictures while I’m there.  Sometimes it’s her kids’ senior pictures sometimes it’s family pictures but always we get great pictures in the pumpkin patch too.

Now, without further adieu, here’s talented and beautiful Hailey!






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Peter – High School Senior

We all love it when there’s a gentlemen around, right ladies?  Meet Peter.  Woodworker, “Who” fan, gentleman.






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Jocelyn – Senior Pictures

Little did I know that this girl is a natural in front of the camera.  Seriously.  Some people are and some aren’t (ahem…ME!).  She brought some accessories that made some of these pictures POP!  I loved it!












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Lone Peak Senior Prom

I was asked to take this Lone Peak Senior Prom group’s pictures.  We had planned a beautiful outdoor location with green trees and beautiful backdrops.  

The day of Prom came and so did the clouds.  It decided to POUR rain!  I’m pretty optimistic usually about the weather, but there was no way around this rain.  One of the Mom’s from our group worked with me and we brainstormed a place to do some indoor shots.  The chandelier at this place (right behind them) was amazing!  It made for the best backdrop.  And if you look close, you can see out the window, the dark, dark skies with rain, rain, and more rain.  

We took the photos as fast as we could to get them onto their next destination.  Their Senior Prom!













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High School Senior Slideshows

Senior picturesI’m so excited about the slideshows that can be purchased, so I’m featuring another one!  This time, a senior!  Marie is the beautiful high school senior star in this one.  The music that is chosen for the slideshows can be customized to your senior.  Their personality.  Their interests and likes.  I’ve got thousands of tracks to choose from.  Enjoy!



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Senior pictures

Utah is such a pretty place for senior pictures.  However, my niece who lives in Idaho needed a picture of her in her element.  So, I packed up my camera, and my family, and we went for a visit to my sister’s farm.  A.k.a. the “giant garden.” It’s always fun to visit with my sister. And the kids like it too so the cousins can play.  

If you haven’t gotten your senior pictures taken yet, and you’re a senior, it’s time to book to make sure you get them before graduation. Contact me, Katie Gee, to schedule your session.

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Marie – Senior Pictures

It’s senior pictures season and here is Marie.  So, so pretty! It was so good to see you again Marie! That was fun!


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Carrie – Senior!

How did this happen? My niece is a senior. I remember holding her as a baby. She was just 2 when I was married. And now look at her! In the moments I was taking her pictures and editing them, she went from a little girl, to a young woman about to start her life. I love you Carrie and I wish you the best senior year! 

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Kayla was such a fun senior to photograph.  The wind was a challenge this day but I’m always up for a good challenge.  As long as it teaches me something new.  

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Prom! Rachel and Tyler

 The light was perfect and so were these two. I loved photographing them. I hope you guys had a great time at prom!

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