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Collins Family – A Birth Story

Have you ever been in the room when somebody, or yourself, is having a baby?  The miracle-ness of the whole thing is palpable and you just can’t help but cry.  

This birth story is about my sister.  She’s a beach body coach and worked out until she was 41 weeks pregnant when they finally induced her.  Being induced was a bit different for her.  This was her 3rd labor and she had gone into labor on her own with the other 2.  She was an amazing laborer and smiled even though those tough contractions. 






















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Penelope – Newborn


I love it when the babies smile!  Penelope was only 9 days old and a perfect little angel.

09_PenelopeNewborn_WEB 29_PenelopeNewborn_WEB 30_PenelopeNewborn_WEB

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Jocelyn – Senior Pictures

Little did I know that this girl is a natural in front of the camera.  Seriously.  Some people are and some aren’t (ahem…ME!).  She brought some accessories that made some of these pictures POP!  I loved it!












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Lone Peak Senior Prom

I was asked to take this Lone Peak Senior Prom group’s pictures.  We had planned a beautiful outdoor location with green trees and beautiful backdrops.  

The day of Prom came and so did the clouds.  It decided to POUR rain!  I’m pretty optimistic usually about the weather, but there was no way around this rain.  One of the Mom’s from our group worked with me and we brainstormed a place to do some indoor shots.  The chandelier at this place (right behind them) was amazing!  It made for the best backdrop.  And if you look close, you can see out the window, the dark, dark skies with rain, rain, and more rain.  

We took the photos as fast as we could to get them onto their next destination.  Their Senior Prom!













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Slideshows are Here!

I’ve been doing little slideshows here and there over the years and I’m always so surprised at the emotions they bring along with them.  To me and all those who were involved in the videos, it’s always made a big impact.  

I knew a long time ago that I wanted to make slideshows but didn’t know how I could get them into the hands of those who would love them.  And also how to do it in shorter amount of time.  I would spend weeks on a slideshow getting it just right.  But now, I’ve done my homework, and with the help of some photographer friends and other companies, I’m able to finally do it in a reasonable amount of time.

I wanted my first slideshow to be a throwback to 2013 to one of my favorite families.  They are my clients, but mostly they are my friends, and they’re moving away soon.  Not too far, but it’s not just down the street either.  I’ll miss them.  So, without making you read more, here’s the slideshow. 

These slideshows can be purchased with family and senior sessions. Just let me know, when we have our first phone call together, that you’d like a slideshow and I’ll make it happen. But also I have to warn you, when you see you and your beautiful family’s pictures set to music, you’ll cry. 

Family photography

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Baptisms are the Best

mount-timpanogos-temple-baptism-photographyThis weekend my daughter was baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She’s awesome about getting out of bed herself, making her own breakfast, getting dressed and making her own lunch for school. A dream child right? How did I get so lucky? She is the happiest child and brings so much joy to our family. She’s a good friend and sister. She’s quick to give a hug and loves to receive them. I’m so glad she’s mine. And again, how did I get so lucky?





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Senior pictures

Utah is such a pretty place for senior pictures.  However, my niece who lives in Idaho needed a picture of her in her element.  So, I packed up my camera, and my family, and we went for a visit to my sister’s farm.  A.k.a. the “giant garden.” It’s always fun to visit with my sister. And the kids like it too so the cousins can play.  

If you haven’t gotten your senior pictures taken yet, and you’re a senior, it’s time to book to make sure you get them before graduation. Contact me, Katie Gee, to schedule your session.

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Marie – Senior Pictures

It’s senior pictures season and here is Marie.  So, so pretty! It was so good to see you again Marie! That was fun!


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Carrie – Senior!

How did this happen? My niece is a senior. I remember holding her as a baby. She was just 2 when I was married. And now look at her! In the moments I was taking her pictures and editing them, she went from a little girl, to a young woman about to start her life. I love you Carrie and I wish you the best senior year! 

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Sabrina’s one!

It’s amazing how time can fly!  I feel like I just took Sabrina’s newborn pictures and here she is, now one year old!

And seriously, who knew that balloons and wheat fields don’t mix?  We were lucky we had any balloons left by the end of the shoot.  They were popping like crazy.  I’m glad we had a few left when we were done.

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