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7 days new!  This gorgeous baby girl was perfect and slept through her entire session.  And check out her eyelashes!!! They are to DIE FOR!  So long and beautiful…LOVE!





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Mandy – Newborn

Oh!  Sweet Mandy.  You know that birth story I posted below?  She is that same sweet baby. 9 days old and sooooo dislikes being wrapped up.  It’s always amazes me that they can have so much personality even when they are still so newly created.





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Penelope – Newborn


I love it when the babies smile!  Penelope was only 9 days old and a perfect little angel.

09_PenelopeNewborn_WEB 29_PenelopeNewborn_WEB 30_PenelopeNewborn_WEB

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Liberty is here!

Sweet, sweet newborns. Liberty was 7 days old when her Mom brought her into the studio. Just the right amount of age for those fun, sleepy photos. 5-10 days old is when I like to photograph them.  They’re extra cooperative and so fun to snuggle.  Only a few short weeks ago Liberty was still baking in the oven.  And now she’s here.

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Perfect Percy

My first session of 2013 started with a newborn, and 2014 did the same!

Percy was such a good natured little man. He was born in December but due in mid January. Preemies usually get their newborn photos done around their actual due date. So, we shot it then. Thanks for bringing him in Sabina and Patrick!

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Sweet Sabrina

6 days new! Thanks for bringing in your angel Summer and Rance! She was so good and fun to cuddle.

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Baby Brody

This little guy was 4 weeks early but healthy and strong as can be! Just a little 5 pounder but so, so strong! Are you having a baby, or know someone who is? Call me! 801-820-0083.

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Baby Talon – Eagle Mountain Newborn Photographer

Baby Talon was only 7 days new! My first session of 2013! What a way to start the year! He was a champion sleeper and so much fun to snuggle. Thanks Nicole for bringing him in!

If you’re pregnant and know you want to get newborn shots. Give me (Katie) a call and we can get you on the calendar. 801-820-0083. Talk to you soon!

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Baby Hope – – Eagle Mountain Newborn Photographer

 Hope was such a good little sleeper for our session.  Only 4 days old and so, so sweet!

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11 Days Old

Interestingly enough this baby is associated with many 11’s. He was born in the 11th month of the 11th year. He is 11 days old in these pictures, and the best part. He’s the 9th baby in the family making it a family of 11! I know, awesome right?!
He was such a good baby and I was honored to photograph him.  Here he is making his debut all wrapped up in a beautiful white blanket his mama crocheted.  

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