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Hamaker girls

You know, kids grow.  They grow and you can’t stop it.  This is not a new concept.  I know.  But it’s dawning on me more now that my kids are getting older.  My youngest is almost 7 and I honestly can’t believe it.  How did this happen?  Life goes on even when we want it to stop.  

These girlies are growing up too.  So fast.  And I bet if you ask their Mom and Dad, they’d say they can’t believe their oldest is 3 1/2.  It goes by so fast.




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Naylor – School Pictures

School Pictures!  We found a central location with big TALL grasses for us to go to not too far from both of our homes!  I love it when that happens.  



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Wadley – School Pictures

It was so fun to be with these kids.  The love that they have for each other is obvious and so sweet.  

And how cool is this location?  A super old fence with blue mountains and yellow prairie grass in the background.  Even sometimes those mountains look purple.  Just depends on the day.







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Seiler Girls

A whole family of blondes and all girls too!  Such cuties!

The sunflowers only come out once a year, and for only one month.  We found a good patch of them on a road less traveled.  I imagine it may have been a busy road up until the main roads went in.  I’d bet those old roads have a sweet story.






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Baptisms are the Best

mount-timpanogos-temple-baptism-photographyThis weekend my daughter was baptized and became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She’s awesome about getting out of bed herself, making her own breakfast, getting dressed and making her own lunch for school. A dream child right? How did I get so lucky? She is the happiest child and brings so much joy to our family. She’s a good friend and sister. She’s quick to give a hug and loves to receive them. I’m so glad she’s mine. And again, how did I get so lucky?





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8 month old Sammy, is in the Studio

Can you believe her cuteness?  8 months old and full of sweetness.

Studio photography in the winter months is ideal for children.  They’re less cranky, and their noses and ears stay nice and warm and not totally cold and pink. Call me (Katie) to book your child’s photography session this month, 801-358-5772.


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Sabrina’s one!

It’s amazing how time can fly!  I feel like I just took Sabrina’s newborn pictures and here she is, now one year old!

And seriously, who knew that balloons and wheat fields don’t mix?  We were lucky we had any balloons left by the end of the shoot.  They were popping like crazy.  I’m glad we had a few left when we were done.

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Brittney’s ONE!

The cuteness just oozes from Brittney!  And when she smiles, you can’t help but do it too. 

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Collins’ Family – Eagle Mountain Child and Family Photographer

This little one has the best serious face. Those smiley ones are fun but the serious this girl brings, is unbelievable. 


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The NEW backdrops!

I’ve recently added some new backdrops to my stufio and am so excited to share them with you!

“Shabby Gray”
“Peeling White”
“Gray Diamond Dots”
“Blue Gray Grunge”
“Gray and White Chevron”                                                                            “Shabby Gray”
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